Teeth Whitening


Love your Smile!
Smilelabs method is enamel safe and leaves no gum or tooth sensitivity as with other methods. We can help get rid of the yellowing or browning effects from coffee, wine, or smoking and help make you look more confident and youthful.
Our professional-grade peroxide and our blue-light laser method will leave your teeth 5-7 times whiter with just two 15 minute treatments.
All of our teeth whitening gels are safe and effective.
Non-Invasive Pain-Free
Immediate Results Affordable
No Messy Trays

**Remineralizing Treatment Included





Includes a Remineralizing Treatment!

Remineralizing treatments help to desensitize the teeth after whitening, strengthens the enamel, reduces future staining and  improves the overall health of the teeth.

'promotes safe whitening'

 It is even more imperative to remineralize after home whitening kits as these are left on the enamel far longer than professional treatments. The longer hydrogen peroxide is left on the teeth the more demineralization occurs to the enamel. Remineralizing contains vitamins and minerals and is clinically proven to restore and strengthen enamel.

You will need a remineralizing treatment if you do not want to have to avoid coffee, tea, red sauces etc. for 24-72 hours after whitening.


Smile Brighter!

Single Treatment (touch up)
15 Minutes

Includes Remineralizing Treatment


Smile Whiter!

 Double Treatment 30 MIN
Two 15 Minute Sessions Includes Remineralizing Treatment

Most Popular Choice ~ 1 HR Appt.


SALE $179

Hollywood Smile!

Triple Treatment
Three 15 Minute sessions

 Includes Remineralizing Treatment


The 15 Minute treatment is a perfect solution for someone with “whitish teeth” already because it has the smallest results. 15 minutes can remove anything from 2-4 shades, which is twice the results of almost all over the counter products.

It is also used as a touch up for anyone wanting to refresh their laser whitening treatment.

The 30 Minute Whitening is the most popular choice. It produces anything from 4-8 shades (sometimes even higher) within one treatment. The results received are drastic enough to see a noticeable whiter differences.

The 45 Minute treatment is the most effective of all of our treatments. It is designed for people who have heavier lifelong stains such as tobacco smokers and our daily coffee drinkers.

The 60-minute treatment can whiten your teeth up to 12 shades whiter.



Our Clients Results:


What clients are saying:

" I had teeth whitening done a few days before my wedding and I was so happy with the results and it was pain free!"  - Kayla

I was previously addicted to home whitening strips and my enamel was getting damaged. This method was so much faster and easier and the results are so much more superior! My teeth feel healthier and aren't re-staining like they do with the home whitening strips.  ~Leanne

My tooth sensitivity is pretty much gone now. My teeth just aren't sensitive like they used to be. I will be back for more of the remineralizing for sure. It works!   ~Kyra