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Laser Skin Rejuvination Treatments

You want to look your best! Resorting to surgical procedures isn't always necessary or desirable


  Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL is the only device that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging,  and increased lifespan. With regular Forever Young BBL treatments, your skin will look clearer, smoother, and much younger.

Forever Young BBL is an innovative technology that uniquely delivers light therapy targeting the signs of aging and sun damage and effectively provides a more refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

$275 Full Face        

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Package of 3 SALE $599




IPL Photofacial

The Photofacial is the most popular facial treatment. It is a revolutionary breakthrough for people who suffer from damaged and discoloured skin, it will improve wrinkles, rosacea, dull skin, uneven pigmentation and age spots.  With the Lumenis Quantum , the skin tone will have a more even look and feel, sunspots will fade and pore sizes will shrink.

These improvements will steadily increase with each treatment.

The IPL Photofacial effectively treats:
• Facial Telangiectasia
• Rosacea
• Age spots/sun spots
• Diffused redness and small facial capillaries
• Uneven skin tone and dull complexions
• Fine lines and mild scarring
• Overall skin appearance

Photofacial  $275
Add neck $50
Add decolette $75
Back of hands $125


Skin Tightening Laser (Laser Genisis)

Laser genesis is a non invasive, powerful technology that greatly improves skin tone, texture,  firmness, and overall skin health.

The procedure is painless and comfortable, creating a warming sensation on the surface of this skin. It is however working deep below the surface producing new cells which in turn promotes the growth of new collagen. The heat from the laser helps in not only skin tightening, but also to shrink pore size, fade out acne scars and reduce redness and rosacea.

Immediately after the treatment the results can be quite subtle. However as soon as 24 hours later the results can show amazing tightening and over all improved skin vitality. A series of 3 is recommended for best results.

$250 Full Face    Package of 3 SALE $599


Skintyte™  Sciton Laser

SkinTyte uses advanced infrared energy to deeply heat dermal collagen, while continuously cooling and protecting the surface of the skin. The process promotes skin contraction and tightening that initiates the body’s natural healing process leading to increased skin firming. This process is ideal for someone who wants fast noticeable results without invasive surgery.

Born Beautiful Laser Technicians use SkinTyte as a combination treatment with BBL, Skin Tightening Laser, and  RF Skin Tightening, further enhancing the results.

$250 Neck and Jowel   $250 Stomach   Package of 3 SALE $599

Combination treatment: Add on to BBL, Skin Tightening Laser or  RF Skin Tightening Only $100 per treatment

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  Forever Clear BBL

Have you tried numerous methods to get acne under control? Now, prescription medication and over the counter products can be a thing of the past! Forever Clear is a cutting edge acne treatment delivering light energy deep into your skin to help treat acne. Leaving you with clear, healthy, radiant skin. Try Forever Clear BBL today!

$250 Full Face    Package of 3 SALE $599

**Limited time: Package sale includes the Alyria Acne Kit ~ Four full size Alyria products.  Value: $181.00

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Medical Facials

 Facials that deliver results! See the difference.



  Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women

Experience the difference today!

We use the industries best medical grade Lasers and IPL including BBL, Sciton, Lumenis Light Sheer Diode, Lumenis Yag, Deka ND:Yag,  Lumenis Quantum, Cutera and Elight. We can treat every skin color. Our treatments disable the hair follicle leaving it unable to grow hair again giving you superior hair removal results.

Get your first treatment at 50% off. No obligation to purchase a package. Come in for a free consultation today.

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Body Treatments






 Skin Tightening and Cellulite Treatments

Tripolar RF for skin tightening and cellulite reduction uses three applications in one system. This means you can have skin tightening and cellulite reduction all in one treatment, results can be seen from your very first treatment!

Tripolar uses one head to simultaneously heat deep and shallow tissue layers all the while protecting the surface skin. Now making it easier and faster than ever to smooth, tighten and regenerate the skins collagen without injections, surgery or downtime.

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Laser Teeth Whitening

Smilelabs method is enamel safe and leaves no gum or tooth sensitivity as with other methods.

Remineralizing treatments help to desensitize the teeth after whitening, strengthens the enamel, reduces future staining and  improves the overall health of the teeth.

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Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal that can be used on white or very light hair.

We use the blend method of Electrolysis.

Starting at $25 Free consultation.




The Advance Pin Point laser is used exclusively for the effective treatment of onychomycosis (toe nail fungus). Our highly trained certified laser technician will help clear up those yellowed, discolored, thickened and crumbling fungal nails.


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