Laser Hair Removal for Women 





Single Session  


Sale 25% off a package of 6

Upper Lip $50.00  
Chin $50.00  
Cheeks $150.00  
Full Face $200.00  
Under Arms $85.00  
Abdomen $200.00  
Navel Strip $50.00  
Areola $50.00  
Full Arms $225.00  
Forearms $150.00  
Fingers $25.00  
Basic Bikini $125.00  
Extended Bikini $175.00  
Brazilian $195.00  
Labia only $50.00  
Buttocks $150.00  
Lower Legs $250.00  
Full Leg $400.00  
Toes $25.00  



Laser Hair Removal for Men


Single Session  


Sale 25% off a package of 6

Select Areas 50% OFF

Unibrow 50.00  
Widows Peak 50.00  
Shape Hair Line 75.00  
Shape Beard 75.00  
Front of Neck $75.00  
Back of Neck $75.00  
Full beard 200.00  
Abdomen $150.00 Mens Abdomen SALE 50% OFF
Chest $150.00 Mens Chest SALE 50% OFF
Shoulders $150.00 Mens Shoulders SALE 50% OFF
Back $300.00 Mens Back SALE 50% OFF
Hands $100.00  
Feet $100.00  
  Laser Hair Removal has come along way, and we have the technology for all skin types!

We use the industries best medical grade Lasers and IPL's including Lumenis Light Sheer Diode, Sciton BBL, Lumenis Yag, Deka ND: YAG, Sciton Clear Scan YAG, Cutera and Triple Pulse. We can treat every skin color for superior hair removal results.

How does Laser hair removal work?

Laser Hair Removal destroys the hair follicles and their ability to grow hair. Hair removal treatments are done with either an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light machine), BBL ( Broad Band Light) or various lasers, known as, ND Yags or Diodes. Each has its pros and cons, its advantages, and limitations. We have all of the above technology, and we have the Gold Standard in each class.

Which laser hair removal technology is the best?

Not all hair removal lasers work equally well. Medical-grade lasers differ greatly from spa-grade and not all technology is suitable for every person. Having a basic understanding of how laser hair removal works and what to expect will save you time, money and possibly disappointment. Depending on the thickness and color of the hair, and how much pigment is in your skin, we will choose the laser that will work best for you.

Lumenis Lightsheer XL:

Diodes are recognized to have the optimal depth of penetration and energy absorption to target hair follicles. Hair removal with diode lasers generally requires fewer treatments. They can safely and effectively treat all but the darkest skin types.



Sciton Forever Bare BBL:

The medical-grade BBL (Broad Band Light) provides integrated cooling during the treatment that allows us to set aggressive parameters to seek out hair while keeping the epidermis safe. Itís more comfortable than most lasers and can effectively treat hair that would be missed by other lasers. It is the gold standard for seeing pigment which allows the BBL to target finer hair and a lighter colour of hair than any other technology. It is suitable for lighter skin types.






Sciton ClearScanYag:

The computer generated scanning sets this YAG laser apart from the rest. Unlike other YAG laser treatments which hurt, this treatment is completely pain-free. It is ideal for people from the Middle East and other dark skin types because the wavelength penetrates deeply into the skin to target the deepest hair follicles while by-passing the natural pigment in the skin.


Can I get laser hair removal if I have blond hair?  The answer is YES!

We have the technology in our clinic to remove hair on any skin type, Fair, Medium, and Dark, as one laser cannot treat everyone.
For light hair we use BBL. It can see a lighter colour of hair and finer hair than other technologies. As long as there is pigment in the hair BBL will be able to see it. With BBL we can remove even the fine hairs that are left behind by other lasers.

Can my hair be treated if I have a dark skin type? Again, the answer is YES!

To remove hair from the darkest of skin we use our Sciton Clear Scan YAG scanner.

How many Treatments do I need?

Treatments for various conditions are typically packaged in groups of 6 for best results. Laser hair removal treatments are done at 6-8 week intervals on the body and 4-6 week intervals on the face. Individual recommendations will be made for each client. Results may vary from person to person. In order to obtain the best results it is important to avoid tanning before and after treatments. Before and after care instructions :

Before and After Laser Hair Removal Instructions