Stanford University Study Confirms BBL Photofacial Prevents & Delays Signs of Aging

A 10 year study on the effectiveness of BBL Photofacials has provided some incredible information.  Many times patients ask what the “long term” outlook for using laser treatments might be. Well, the first 10 years study which focused on how skin reacts to BBL Photofacials is in and the results are profound.
“The study actually concluded that patients who receive 2-3 BBL Photofacials every year can actually reverse signs of aging and “prevent” future aging as well”. 

I have seen this in my own clinic as well. Every patient should be receiving BBL Photofacials 2-3 times per year to remove tired sun damaged skin, broken capillaries, to improve skin tone & texture and now as this study demonstrated, reverse the signs of aging.


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1 Treatment of  BBL Corrective - 4 weeks post 1st session
Treatment by Lolita Medical Laser Technician at Born Beautiful Laser Clinic & MediSpa